An example of Extraordinary Development through Excellent Leadership, Management and Teamwork

A Story of Growth
Heads 1999 2017
Population 857,233 2.419 million
GDP $13.9 billion $82.87 billion
Number of Tourists 2.48 million 14.5 million
Airport Traffic 10 million passengers 70.5 million passengers
Emirates Airlines Fleet Size 32 230 298 (aircrafts on order)
DUBAI” – A Global Destination
  •  Dubai ranks 4th in the Global Destinations of the world
  •  Over 12 million visitors in 2014
  •  Easy connectivity – 2.1bn people within 4h flight , 5.6bn people within 8h flight
  •  Fastest developing Emirate / city in the Middle East
  •  Safe City with a multicultural open society – home to diverse Nationalities
  •  Host City for EXPO 2020
  •  Hub for major conventions and events through out the Middle East
DUBAI” – A Global Destination
  • Indians forms a majority of the population in Dubai
  •  The year 2014 recorded the Indian population to consist of 27% (2.6million) of the entire resident population of the UAE
  •  Dubai has been home to several Indian families for over 6 decades who today form an integral part of the Business conglomerates
Benefits of Buying Property in Dubai
  • TAX FREE , No Property Tax , Capital Gains Tax or VAT etc. levied
  •   Free Hold Title with option of multiple owners
  •  Flat Property Registration Fee of 4% of property value
  •   Dubai Government has set in place strict laws and regulations in place for Developers
  •  All OFF Plan and Under Construction Properties are monitored by the Dubai Land Department and payments are controlled via ESCROW
  •   Property sale transactions recorded for Q1 & Q2 of 2015